Artist Vic McEwan from The Cad Factory brings together practitioners in arts and health to offer an experiential exploration of caring. With participation from the Art Health Network, NSW and ACT, Murrumbidgee local Health district, Art Gallery of New South Wales and individual practitioners and carers, we draw you into a creative reflection on what is it to care, be caring and be cared for.


On Friday the 20th of May 2022, AHNNA and CAD Factory will be joining forces to start a conversation giving voice to care.


The event will feature the following:

Talk: Vic McEwan and Dr Susan Coulson (Co-Founder of the Sydney Facial Nerve Clinic) – exploring care through the exhibition Face to Face:The New Normal

Presentation: Danielle Gullotta, Art Gallery of New South Wales and a representative from Murrumbidgee Local Health District

Video presentation: Aunty Lorraine Tye talking with Corrie Furner – a video conversation on experiences of being a carer

Activity: Michelle Jersky, Vic McEwan, Gail Kenning, Elaine Paton a participatory text-based art activity exploring individual understandings of care through poetry, digital projection and images


The Caring Effect: Perspectives on Care will take place from 2-4pm on the 20th of May at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. Registration is free. More information can be found on the event page.


Feature Image: The Caring Effect: Perspectives on Care, image from The Caring Effect Event Page
Post by Rosa Clifford