Arterie is an award-winning Arts & Health program operating in collaboration with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Dental Hospital and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Through bespoke models of art engagement, the program seeks to deliver the creative arts to all hospital stakeholders – patients, families, carers, staff, volunteers & visitors –  and supports a holistic approach to health care by providing a distraction from treatment and less clinical environment, thereby easing the stress and side effects of illness.

The Arterie Intern Training Program covers the theoretical design and delivery of all 3 Arterie programs across a number of clinical facilities and specialities. This 12-month, 1-day a week training program is free of charge and all materials and resources are supplied. On completion of the training, opportunities may include: continue to volunteer as part of the Arterie team and undertake a mentor training role; deliver a paid artist in residence project; or pursue other qualifications in Arts and Health.

Arterie delivers 3 core programs designed to reach diverse locations and patient groups in both observatory and participatory capacities: Carterie is delivered on the wards and treatment spaces on a 1:1 ratio; Workshops are delivered for specific groups and locations; and Artist in Residence is delivered for the broader hospital community in the main entrance foyer spaces.

To find out more about Arterie and express your interest, see the links below. EOIs close on 6th November 2023.


Arterie at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Arterie at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse


Feature image by Sascha Düser
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Posted by Jessie Zhou