Jump through this link-in-the-wall to visit Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice.

Murmurations is a free, open access journal which foregrounds practitioner writing as a method of inquiry and learning.

Murmurations is a journal for relationally attuned and systemic social constructionist practitioners and researchers from the playing fields of

  • therapeutic work with individuals, groups, couples and families
  • coaching, leadership, management, organisational consultancy
  • the performative and expressive arts
  • community workers and activists
  • designers of space, software, and other environments
  • professionals using relational and systemic ideas in many other contexts

Murmurations showcases innovative and leading-edge professional and research practice and methodology. The journal treats writing and visual media as opportunities for dialogue, as forms of relational practice, as a form of reflexive inquiry where the writer, artist or film maker holds the audience in mind.

PANDEMIC AS SYSTEMIC FLUX – check out poetry in link below (rolling submissions)