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October 9, 2019


Black Dog Institute, Lecture Theatre.

In this event, learn about the science behind a suite of games that have been designed and tested to harness the power of play whilst transforming young peoples’ emotional lives for the better.

Director of GEMH-Lab Isabel Granic describes how their program of research and development bridges the space between developmental science and game design, resulting in mobile and virtual reality games that integrate biofeedback and evidence-based game mechanics. She’ll present data from a series of randomized controlled trials evaluating games that use biofeedback at their core (e.g. EEG neurofeedback, heart rate). With a clear roadmap for the next five years of research in biofeedback games, GEMH-Lab aims to establish a validated toolbox relevant to a wide range of interventions.

HitnRun is a mobile game that aims to help youth quit smoking. GEMH-Lab researcher Hanneke Scholten explains how the game was designed to amplify young peoples’ engagement, whilst drawing on a set of transdiagnostic mechanisms of change. She relays findings from a recent trial comparing the effects of HitnRun to a psychoeducational brochure.

During the second half of the event, join the GEMH-Lab team for refreshments and the chance to demo the games.

Posted by  Prof Katherine Boydell
Director, AKT Lab, Black Dog Institute, University of New South Wales