Barbara Doran is an award-winning artist, university educator and consultant on creative intelligence. In a recent podcast, she talks about the essential role creativity plays in not only art but all aspects of life, and how it enhances our knowledge and potential no matter who we are.

Creativity is often seen as a skill only relevant to artists. But, as Dr Barbara Doran explains in her latest InnovaBuzz Podcast appearance, creativity stretches well beyond artistic expertise and into our very survival as humans. Creativity is an innate ability that allows us to be resourceful, inventive and insightful in our day-to-day lives and decision-making. It helps us to learn, think and connect – whether that be in art, business, health, or anything else.

“Creativity is essential for problem-solving and innovation,” Barbara says, “And it is something that we all possess. We just need to be open to exploring our own creativity and embracing the process.”

Barbara herself has long held creativity to be a key force driving and enriching her path in life. From art, design and film, to public health, sustainable planning and teaching, it has continued to inspire and open new doors for her. In her podcast episode, she discusses how creativity needs to be practiced and everyone can do this through play, the pursuit of our interests, and attentiveness towards what our senses tell us of the surrounding world. Play in particular is a vital yet overlooked activity. Many of us write it off as childlike and unproductive, but in truth it nurtures adaptability, learning and neuroplasticity. By freeing ourselves of existing viewpoints and genuinely embracing creative practices, a world of knowledge and possibilities can be unlocked.

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Feature image by Barbara Doran
Article by Jessie Zhou