VIVID comes to life again in Sydney after a year away, from the 27th of May to the 18th of June. Vivid is a creative festival that focuses on showcasing new ideas throughout the city. This year the program features two events that examine the intersection between health and the arts.


Using Installation Art to Share Health Knowledge

“Join an engaging panel discussion led by practitioner and academic Helen Vatsikopoulos to explore the many ways art can be used to communicate complex community and social issues. See what happens when we apply a creative lens to challenges such as boosting the wellbeing of children from refugee backgrounds, creating healthy urban environments, improving palliative care, mental health and addiction.

Hear from artists, academics, recipients of healthcare and their families who have come together to produce unique artworks depicting the experience of illness and of gratitude for services and support. See their artworks first-hand and join the discussion on meanings and possibilities.

Each project featured in the showcase draws on different art forms – from textiles and sculpture to poetry and video – highlighting the many ways that the arts can enrich conversations on health(care) and how research can be communicated using visual, performative and literary means.”

This event will take place at the Great Hall at the University of Technology Sydney on the 6th of June from 3-5 pm.


A Fresh Perspective: Tackling Issues with Creativity

“Join us for a powerful panel session to explore how creativity can be used to drive and amplify social and political conversations that challenge society’s perceptions and initiate change.

Drawing from the award-winning documentaries Woven Threads: Stories from Afar and Woven Threads: Stories from Within, renowned speakers discuss the creative process and research required to effectively break down debates, disputes and fears and replace them with human empathy. Exploring themes such as the plight of refugees and mental health, the speakers will lead an interactive session to inspire ideas, challenge thinking patterns and provide learnings from their own experiences.

Discover innovative ways to drive maximum impact and contribute to the education, political and social conversation in Australia and around the world.”

This event is also taking place in the UTS Great Hall on the 14th of June from 3-5pm.


These events are ticketed and are under the category of Vivid Ideas Exchanges, these events promote innovation and new approaches in creative spaces and inform audience members of the research processes behind creative arts projects.


More information can be found on the Vivid 2022 Website and event pages:

Art to Share Health Knowledge

A Fresh Perspective: Tackling Issues with Creativity


Quotes sourced from the Vivid Sydney Website.
Feature Image Photo by Mark Thompson on Unsplash
Post by Rosa Clifford