AHNNA is looking for a social media intern to assist in the content production (writing, editing and image sourcing), sourcing and curation, and publishing of social media articles for its website and other social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram); primary responsibility is to publish articles submitted for our WordPress blog (this site). 

Please note there although there is no remuneration available for this internship position, it does offer valuable professional experience in the non-for-profit sector and the opportunity of working with leaders in the field of arts and health. Previous interns have found internship an important part of their pathway to employment. 

The primary responsibility of the intern is to ensure the publication of a minimum of one article/month on the Arts Health Network (blog) website, a WordPress site. Article text will be sent to the intern, who is then responsible for editing and checking the article, sourcing a creative commons/ copyright free image in a form matching our technical specifications, publishing these on the website, and pushing to social media channels. 

Beyond this, the internship role offers enormous opportunity for the intern to build a portfolio of work in their area of interest. An intern interested in a media or communications career. has the opportunity to write and publish articles in a variety of formats. An intern interested in an arts and health career has the opportunity to meet and learn from sector leaders in detail. An intern interested in community development work has the opportunity to work with us to meet the challenges that face a small community based advocacy organisation. An intern interested in visual arts has the opportunity to curate and/or publish work via our website. An intern interested in working primarily in social media has the opportunity to work with us to develop a new social media strategy. 

For more information and a full position description, please contact claire.hooker@sydney.edu.au or gail.kenning@unsw.edu.au