In his latest solo exhibition, artist Tom Isaacs explores mental health, trauma and healing through a poignant combination of textile art and performance. He invites us to uncover our wounds and (ad)dress them to truly care for ourselves.

Ad/dressing the Wound

‘Ad/dressing the Wound’ is an exhibition of performance and textile works that creatively engage with ideas of mental health and wellbeing, trauma and healing. Drawing inspiration from psychoanalytic theories about mental health, such as Sigmund Freud’s writings on repression and the symptom, and the work of German artist Joseph Beuys, with his iconic use of felt and his exhortation to ‘Show Your Wounds’, Tom Isaacs has used covering and uncovering as metaphors for the repression of and care for psychic wounds. Joseph Beuys proposed that we uncover our wounds so that they do not fester, but covering with a medical dressing, an emergency blanket or a humble quilt may also constitute a powerful act of care.

How to Visit

You can visit the exhibition between 21st June – 8th July, at the Ellipsis Gallery. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 3 – 8pm.

Events & Performances

Wednesday 21st June, 6 – 9pm: Opening event and launch of exhibition catalogue
Saturday 1st July, 2 – 5pm: Artist’s talk and Shivah performance
Saturday 8th July, 5 – 8pm: Freud’s Ghost performance and closing event

Ellipsis Gallery

Level 1, 41 Crown St
Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011
(Above Viand restaurant)


‘Ad/dressing the Wound’ is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

Feature image: Tom Isaacs, Shivah, 2022. ‘Live Dreams: Threshold’ curated by Victoria Spence and produced by Performance Space at Carriageworks, Eveleigh. Photo by Alex Davies.
Article by Tom Isaacs
Posted by Jessie Zhou