On the 7th October 2021, the Arts Health Network NSW ACT (AHNNA) was officially incorporated with the election of its first formal committee and members. The incorporation is the next step in advancing the values, vision and mission in supporting arts and health practices, research, and education.

We value health, and creativity. With health and creativity founded in human connection and understand health constituted through creativity, culture, community and country.

We value leadership as collective action, creating opportunities for all. Our values are practices of deep listening and engaging ethically and in partnership with communities, carers, clinicians, artists, organisers and all who seek to support health.

Our vision seeks transformations in individual health, community wellbeing and health system structure and activity, through creative engagements, in the pursuit of flourishing through creative activity, foundational to health and healing in policy and practice, and accessible to all.

Our mission is to CREATE ACCESS to the arts support health and wellbeing; SEE and CELEBRATE creative and cultural activity in communities and in healthcare settings, to transform health, for individuals and society; SHARE projects, models of practice, and research evidence; CONNECT those interested in arts and health; ADVOCATE at policy, funding, system, practice and consumer levels, for the profound importance of arts and health.


The Committee:

President – Claire Hooker

Vice president – Katherine Boydell

Secretary – Gail Kenning

Treasurer – Ian Thomson

We recognise Michelle Jersky as Public Officer for the Association.



The following pre-incorporation members are now eligible members: Barbara Doran, Bernard Cohen, Christine McMillan, Christopher Smith, Claire Hooker, Di McClaughlan, Diane Busuttil, Elaine Paton, Francesca Timar, Gail Kenning, Ian Thomson, Jennie Pry, Jessica Connelly, Karen Kerkhoven, Katherine Boydell, Linden Wilkinson, Michael Hodgins, Michelle Jersky, Miriam Cabello, Niki Read, Paul Dwyer, Vic McEwan


Call for new members

AHNNA are calling of new members to join us as we advance arts health knowledge and practice.

Application for membership should be made in writing to Gail Kenning gail.kenning@unsw.edu.au with up to 200 words of experience relevant to the organisation. The Secretary will forward applications to the Committee for approval. On approval the potential member will be required to pay a $1 one-off joining fee and an annual $20 membership fee to be within 28 days of membership being granted.