October 28, 2019


Black Dog Institute, Lecture Theatre.

What opportunities do service-users, and/or those frustrated by care providers have to influence people-in-power: the CEOs, politicians, policy-makers, physicians, and all those making decisions that affect people’s lives? Canadian social scientist Janet Parsons is the co-developer of ‘brokered dialogue’ – a method that uses video-making to tackle controversial and complex issues in healthcare and social policy.

Janet is working with The Big Anxiety’s knowledge translation team, led by Prof. Katherine Boydell, developing the practice of brokered dialogue; using video/creative media to ensure that the voices of experience are heard in a way that can make a real difference.

In this practical introduction, Janet will explain the principles of brokered dialogue and detail a collaboration with the Sydney Partnership for Health Education Research and Enterprise (SPHERE) on an dialogue exploring mental health and addiction, with a group of young people with lived experience taking on the role of citizen scientists.

Presented by The Big Anxiety Festival, SPHERE, and Black Dog Institute

Posted by  Prof. Katherine Boydell
Director, AKT Lab, Black Dog Institute, University of New South Wales