The Arts Health Network NSW/ACT Meeting in May was a wonderful event- it was very exciting and energising to see so many new faces joining us in our zoom! We welcomed several new members and, most wonderfully of all, our new media intern, artist Elyssa Sykes Smith!

Perhaps the enthusiasm was unsurprising, given that we are hoping to embark on some exciting opportunities.

We spent some time brainstorming 3 possible projects:

  1. producing a set of profiles of AHNNA members that showcase their often unusual and wonderful work
  2. creating a ‘mini mentorship’ scheme to support artists interested in developing A socially engaged practise and potentially to support those who work in health to develop ways of bringing arts and culture into their work
  3. creating opportunities to learn from the practise of experience socially engaged artists through creative meetings.


Everyone is welcome to be involved! If you are interested in helping to pursue one of these projects, please get in touch at

Ideas about how to extend the reach of our blog and socials are particularly welcome.

Our next meeting will be in August where we will update people and continue to develop these projects.


Claire Hooker

AHNNA President


Posted by Dr Claire Hooker

Senior Lecturer, Health and Medical Humanities; Director, Bioethics program, Sydney Health Ethics, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney