The following case studies and materials are directly related to working in and during disasters and provide practical examples of how you might work in your classrooms over the coming weeks.


1. Creative Recovery –  Strathewen Case Study

-Read the Strathewen Case Study as part of the ‘Emerging Minds’ materials:

-Watch: Strathewen community: A bushfire recovery story 10 years in the making 

-Listen to the podcast: A Sense of Safety: What young people are capable of in the face of disaster

About the podcast: In this episode of Creative Responders, Scotia Monkivitch visits Strathewen Primary School in rural Victoria to hear from Principal Jane Hayward and a group of Year 6 students about their innovative approach to disaster preparedness following 2009’s Black Saturday bushfires.

We also speak to Professor Lisa Gibbs, the lead researcher of Melbourne University’s ‘Beyond Bushfires’ study, about the importance of fostering leadership, agency and self-determination among children in the face of disaster and Doctor Louise Phillips joins us to explore the role the arts play in leading this evolution.

2. Teaspoon of Light 

3. Birdies Tree: Growing together through natural disasters

Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

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