The Creativity and Wellbeing Hallmark Research Initiative (CAWRI) at the University of Melbourne are calling for presentations at their 2024 conference, Fostering Creative Health.

This conference seeks to explore ways in which arts, health, social care and education can collaborate to produce positive results without high costs. It encourages all kinds of submissions from single paper to symposium and panel, and looks for models of excellence as well as ideas to address the following core questions: How do we best foster creative health across diverse settings? What specific partnerships and programs of enquiry should we pursue to ensure optimal impacts? How can we amass policy and financial support for partnerships and programs?

In February 2023 CAWRI presented a conference on ‘Performing Creativity, Culture and Wellbeing’, with a keynote from World Health Organisations’ Arts and Health Lead, Christopher Bailey. The event offered the launch pad for Creative Australia’s Report Connected Lives: Creative Solutions to the Mental Health Crisis. It was a highly engaging and exciting sector event. 


In April 2024, CAWRI seeks to unite practitioner artists, healthcare providers, researchers, and people with lived experience of the benefits creative health can bring. 

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